An innovative tool creating portable, scalable and secure content-sharing and interaction cloud.

What is Scobox?

Scobox is an integrated solution of different technologies, bringing an entirely new practical understanding of portable, scalable and secure content-sharing interactive cloud solutions.

How innovation helps you?

Scobox creates an environment for PCs, smart boards, and tablets with different operating systems; shares content between devices instantly and simultaneously; applies different learning strategies such as instant surveys, simulative and collaborative assignments, or pop quizzes.

With Scobox it is easy to have,

  • Interactive classroom activities,
  • Meetings,
  • Workshops,
  • Case analysis,
  • Surveys,
  • Quizzes,
  • Polling.

Thus, in the way that best suits your needs, you can design and organise your lessons, meetings, and seminars.
In addition, you can have visually enhanced reports with regard to usage and access of all e-objects as well as quantitative and performance measures of any connected physical objects or sensors.

Why Scobox?

  • Secure content sharing,
  • Real-time performance,
  • Ability to work both online and offline,
  • Customized content sharing opportunities,
  • Compatibility with different devices and operating systems,
  • At school and classroom level, connecting all devices to talk to each other.