Authoring tool, enabling you to create and share rich learning objects. Being used by more than 800,000 teachers.

Explore the Etudyo

The Etudyo is a complete solution providing a rich content development and sharing environment where along with your own materials, its rich multimedia asset library enables you to create colourful, interaction-rich learning objects rapidly.

It supports the entire learning/teaching life-cycle steps with its features for class and performance management such as:

  • Develop rich content rapidly
  • Import your content compliant with international standards
  • Create your own library
  • Access in any platform
  • Use anywhere and anytime
  • Apply Classroom Management for enriched classroom learning strategy

Etudyo for Quality in Learning

Create, edit and share modular content in a scalable environment.

Smart Boards and Tablets Have Become Fully Functional in Learning

  • Prepare your own enriched content. Prepare instant quizzes.
  • Share your content with smart boards, tablets or PCs.
  • Apply popup exams and follow the class performance instantly.
  • Create enriched assignments for students to study with fun at home.

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