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Etudyo is in EBA Market

800,000 teachers of the Ministry of Education of Turkey can use Etudyo directly from EBA (Educational Information Network) Market starting with the new semester.

Etudyo will enable development of easily customizable and reusable learning objects and their presentations in the form of standard-based packages.

Etudyo has been created to develop e-content for e-learning programs of the education departments of academic, public or private institutions. With the help of Etudyo, subject matter experts can transfer their knowledge via built-in templates and educational technology usage methods. That is how, e-content development costs can be decreased and the process can be sustained. Fast, cost effective solutions increasing the learning capacity of the institution can be delivered with minimum investment.

Etudyo provides an interactive and sustainable learning environment accessible anytime anywhere and supported by powerful and rich content at international standards level to be used either for academic and individual purposes.

To produce your own learning objects and standards-compliant packages, you can access Etudyo with your EBA account over ; clicking the "İçerik Geliştirme Araçları" link.